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Flu vaccine cost in UAE varies from 100 AED to 300 AED. Such huge variation in price is based on the fact that where are you getting yourself vaccinated.

Flu or Influenza vaccine is annual vaccine which can be given to everyone aged 6 months or above. Since culture and awareness is not enough in UAE regarding Flu vaccine all hospitals and Medical Clinics see sudden increase in children and adults suffering from flu during winter season.

Flu vaccine is given intra muscularly and since the Influenza virus mutates every year the vaccine needs to be taken every year just before the start of winter season. But it is never too late to take the Flu Vaccine.

There are two major roadblocks which I have noticed while convincing people and spreading awareness regarding Influenza shots.

  • Insurance companies do not cover flu vaccine
  • People do not have much awareness regarding the same.

If taken annually Flu vaccine is known to decrease frequency as well as severity of Flu. It is especially true for children in day care centers or school going kids. Each family member should take the vaccine to see benefits of the vaccine.  It is a very well known fact that if a child brings flu from school and day care centers most of the time each member of family will get it. So as doctors we always advise each member to go for the vaccine. Make sure you read our Seasonal Flu Guide to find out how to cope up with it and methods to prevent flu from spreading

Flu usually gets better in a week’s time, but can get prolonged in children, pregnant women, elderly and people who are on immune suppressant medications. So these people should always be the first one to be given vaccine and clinics should prioritize them as well which administers flu vaccine.

Flu vaccine is available in most of the reputed Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Centres. The availability of the vaccine can be an issue some time. So if you know a nearby Clinic or Medical Centre has Flu vaccine you should get it.

Make sure you always consult Pediatrician or G.Pbefore taking the vaccine. Usual side effect is redness and soreness at the site of the infection which usually goes away in couple of days. People who are allergic to Chicken eggs should always be careful about getting the vaccines. Currently Flu vaccine provides protecting against Type A (swine flu) and Type B sub-types which are the most common types of flu in Dubai, Sharjah or other Emirates of UAE.

At Bristol Medical Centre flu vaccine is available for adults as well as children which cost 100 AED. Make sure you do consult the GP or Pediatrician if you want flu vaccine for yourself or for your child.


18th October 2018
18th October 2018
18th October 2018
18th October 2018